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Learning about foxes - the hard way

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Hi all


While I've not been very active on this forum, I feel from reading your posts that I've got to 'know' quite a few of you. Therefore, I wanted to share my bad news - if only to serve as another reminder to us all of the danger of foxes.


Sadly, on Saturday we lost our Gingernut Ranger, Dora. She had a wonderful personality and had only been laying for 8 days (8 lovely eggs). While everything we had done to keep foxes out of our garden seemed to have worked OK (no sightings or other signs since early September) the same cannot be said of our attempts to keep the chickens IN the garden. Dora scrabbled under the fence at the back of our garden, into the cemetery. Within seconds a fox had appeared from nowhere. :cry:


It's strange to think of the attachment that had built up over just 3.5 weeks - but it had! Dora's death has left a hole that I would only ordinarily feel for the loss of a house pet like a dog or a cat :( The kids (4 & 2) are finding it difficult to understand - but they are content to know that Dora has gone to heaven.


Thanks for reading.



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Thanks for all your kind words everyone.


Yesterday I went with my kids to get a friend for our remaining Gingernut - Spiderman! We all decided we liked the look of a Skyline, and have named her Cinderella. The introduction seems to have gone well :D


I'll keep you all posted on the egg situation. Without really realising it, I seem to have purchased a possible blue egg layer. I didn't realise it was such a big deal, but having seen some of the posts... :lol:




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