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Newbie- advise please :)

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Hi everyone!

after a bit of advice, we have ordered our eglu go up with 2 m extension run, we have also fenced off an area of the garden for them to be free a bit, ur not the whole garden so we can keep some plants 😄 I will be at home a lot so they will be out in the bigger part and some days when we are out all day be in the run extention. I am planning on plenty to keep my girls entertained.

Now, my question is chicken breed- so we have two young children (2 and 5) so would like them to be friendly. We really would like friendly docile non flighty birds but we also like the idea of eggs. So we like the pekin bantams but we are thinking of getting two pekins and two more egg producers (maybe a light Sussex?) I really like the Orpington but not sure if these will be too big in the eglu go up. I also have read about not mixing standard and bantams but we are getting them the same time same breeder snd around same age.

anyone reccomend which breed would go well with a pekin which is still friendly docile non flighty an egg layer?? I am thinking of maybe a Orpington bantam!

My second question is- we may be getting chickens from different breeders, hopefully on the same day and of the same age- will it be ok to just put them in the run/coop together? Any tips (we dont have a spare coop/run!)😀

thanks in advance for an excited newbie :)😄🐓

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Beware of what you ask! 😂 You’ll get tons on different opinions on what breeds are best!

As a starting chicken owner, I wouldn’t mix bantams with larger breeds. It can work out fine, but can be disaster too.

I like New Hampshire bantams. So far I have had four and all were were easy going and good to handle. Don’t go broody either. 
Another good docile egg layer are Barnevelder bantams. Very quiet and good natured.

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As cattails said - you will get different opinions, and here I go with one!

If they’re all young and the same age I think you could try mixing bantams and large fowl and I think your idea of pekins and light Sussex is a great one and would get you exactly what you’re after (individual hen personalities permitting).

There is a risk that they won’t mix and it is a slightly bigger risk than if they were all bantams.

I wouldn’t recommend Orpington’s in your set up. They are huge but their eggs aren’t similarly large. I would imagine Orpington bantams are no better layers than pekins.

If you wanted to stick with all bantams, my campine lays brilliantly (but she is very flighty) and one of my Wyandottes is pretty good too.

Regarding hens from different breeders going in together - this may be fine and indeed I have done it without issue, but is not usually recommended due to differences in vaccination regimes / exposure to pathogens where one set may adversely affect the other. 

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The only chickens to go with Pekins is more Pekins :dance:

Not very helpful I know, but I've had Pekins with other girls and it did not turn out well.

Yes, they do go broody and they don't lay over the winter, but their friendliness and the eggs they do produce makes up for that. 

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