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Best rain cover to buy recommendations please

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I was just wondering where you get your rain covers from ?

I've just had a look at Flyte So Fancy, but although theirs look good, they are quite expensive.

I also looked at chickencoopsdirect and they seemed to have some nice ones too but not sure if they fit an Omlet run.

It is too rainy to go and measure at the moment but just wondered the best place to get one from.

The cover they have at the moment is full of holes, so the run is pretty wet today and so are their feet, so I really do need to get them a new one.

We've had 65mm of rain so far today.

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I got the tarp for my non-Omlet run on a website. There must be sites that allow you to order to specific size. Mine was about €110 for a reinforced tarp of about 2,5 by 2 meters.

My dad had one made to measure by a lady who makes tents, sails and such. It was pricey, but fits amazingly well and he can roll up the sides.

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I bought clear market tarps to cover the wire on our converted greenhouse. The sort stall holders use.  Only use them when it is really awful weather or hubby waters the grass as he alwats gets the feeders wet.  Bought from EBay.   Bought elasticated ties to secure them

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