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What’s this?!

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57 minutes ago, Cat tails said:

Isn’t it all great that we decided it must be hatching eggs? 
For all we know, @mullethunter bought a black market kidney! 😂😂

A kidney would have been a pretty random guess - maybe useful to have in the freezer just in case 🤣

All your other guesses were right though - no @SeramaSilly I couldn’t resist - more fertile eggs 😁😁😁😁 I thought I’m more likely to be taking a couple of holidays next year so if not this year it could’ve been a long wait.

And yes!! They are Barnevelder bantams! I finally got the uk Barnevelders Facebook page to let me in and I found a breeder straight away. They’re in the post now and should arrive tomorrow. So I’ll put them in the incubator on Wednesday and if they’ve survived the postal system I should hopefully have chicks around the 14th July 🐣

Surely I’ll get luckier with the hen/cockerel ratio this time 🤞🏻

@SeramaSilly let us know about the quail.

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14 hours ago, mullethunter said:

All ready to go into the incubator for Day 0 tomorrow 


You have 7 eggs then - brilliant!  You will love barnvelders - I used to have a barnebar which is an autosexing breed that Wernlas developed and she was the most beautiful gentle hen! 

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I candled on Thursday - day 7.

Three are definitely developing - I could see the embryos moving around :-)

 I think the other three aren’t - I think I have one clear (infertile), one blood ring (only developed for a few hours), and one quit (developed for a few days). I’ve left those three in until tomorrow (day 10) when I’ll check again and Chuck them out if they’re definitely no good.

I’m dry hatching so not adding any water to the incubator. According to my sensor the humidity is running at between 30 and 35 and on day 7 the air cells looked an OK size so fingers crossed.

From what I’ve read, 3 out of 7 isn’t that far off average for eggs though the post so fingers crossed the growing 3 all hatch.

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