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Jeremy Clarkson's Farm Amazon Prime

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I've been watching it too.

It is very funny, even if some of it is staged.

I love how he puts ing on the end of everything - sheeping, tractoring and shopping (for his shop)

I haven't seen the rest yet.

It's nice that he can play at being a farmer rather than face the realities that real farmers have to deal with on a daily basis. 

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We have really enjoyed it and binge watched! Caleb is brilliant with Jeremy and so wise beyond his years and, as for Gerald, I'm sure he'd be fascinating too if only I could understand him! I agree about the money side of things but it does highlight that farmers are doing a tough job in difficult times and I think Jeremy deals with that well.....esp the bit where he realises that his sheep are loss making and that £141 is all he would have made for the year - hope that makes people think. 

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3 hours ago, soapdragon said:

hope that makes people think. 

I agree with this. My OH has a real chip on his shoulder about farmers and always says ‘you never see a poor farmer’. But some of my mums family were tenant farmers so I’ve seen first hand exactly what it’s like. They don’t own their property, hence why a lot of them never retire and definitely are not well off. I think the reason you never see a poor farmer is because you literally never see them - they’re always working!

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