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My silkie has gone broody help!

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One of my silkie’s has gone broody I put her in a dog crate but it has big holes in the bottom so I put a wooden crate in the bottom. She has been in it for 3 day and two nights but she just fits all day. Do I need to get a crate with smaller holes and take the wooden crate out so she is straight on the wire? I don’t know what else to do. I could give let her have some fertilised eggs as I would love some more bantams (we have two hybrids and two silkies) but I’m worried that when I add mum and older chicks back win the pack that they will get picked on. All 4 chickens get on really well and I don’t want to spoil that. 


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Well you can't just add chicks anyway as they will be seen as invaders. If you try to put them in the same space the chickens resident will protect that space and kill them. If you do add more birds their space needs to be increased accordingly. Silkies are known for being broody, so just let her get on with it as you are. Definitely don't let her hatch eggs unless you have the facilities to deal with that and keep them separate to at least 12 weeks; 16 would be better. And don't forget half (could be more) will be cockerels.

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13 minutes ago, Cat tails said:

If you can put some smaller gauge mesh on the bottom, it will probably do a better job. Some very determined hens, take a bit more time in the sin bin to break the broodiness.

Hubby made a wire lining with some left over 1cm square wire we had.

It just slots inside the dog crate.

We then put the crate on bricks.

As Cat tails said, some do take longer than the 3 days and 3 nights - I've had one before that has taken 7.

I did resort to buying dog cooling mats but not sure if the chicken got fed up of being in the crate or the mat helped.  

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One of my chickens has been broody for at least 5 weeks now. I can’t keep them caged at night, so they go back in the coop with the rest, but my three broody hags spend their day in their own bit of run. They do plenty of walking around, but keep being hormonal clucky madams. 🙄

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What you are trying to do is to reduce the temperature of her breast area.  This heat is driving the production of hormones that make her broody.  So your broody cage needs to be on four bricks, one at each corner, to allow cool air to flow through.  I’d remove the perch so her nether regions are on the wire.  That will also help by giving her the message that this is an unsafe area to raise chicks.  Usually 3 days and 3 nights in the cooling broody cage is enough, but it can take longer when the weather is warm.  Good luck! Silkies are notorious for brooding. 

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