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I had to break the golden rule of worming today.

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The girls are being wormed with Marriages layers pellets with Flubenvet.

Yesterday, I noticed Peggy really wasn't looking her usual happy self and she went to bed earlier than normal.

Today, she looked even more miserable and went to bed even earlier.

She has been huddled in a corner, letting the others push past her and not really taking part in chicken stuff.

I went to get her, to give her some nutridrops.

The first thing she did was help herself to the cup of water I had for her, then she ate some mealworms and some Garvo alphamix.

I know they shouldn't have treats during worming but I'm not sure she has been eating the pellets at all.

Then I remembered that she was pretty fussy about the size of the pellets she ate when she was younger, and when they are not being wormed they have a mix of layers pellets and growers pellets.

Now I'm thinking she hasn't eaten at all because of the size of the pellets and that's my fault.

Tonight, I will whizz some pellets up to make them smaller and see how she gets on.

Do you think it will really matter that she has had some treats tonight ?

Will I need to restart the week of worming or shall I just do it for a few more days longer ?

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I suppose in theory it could make a difference because any worms that had been weakened or were dying could suddenly get a bit of sustenance that didn’t contain flubenvet and get a bit stronger again.

In reality, if it was me, I would just carry on as planned and ignore the fact that Peggy had a few treats.

As long as she bounces back to normal anyway 🤞🏻 

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Hubby let them out for me this morning and said that she was the last one out - in fact, he wasn't even sure she was coming, but did eventually.

She really is quite peaky and not at all herself.

She sounds a bit snuffly.

When she was poorly last time, the vet gave me some spare Baytril, do you think I should give it to her ?

She has very similar symptoms to before but just not as hunched. She is not eating and drinking either, unless I bring her indoors to do so.

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2 hours ago, mullethunter said:

How is she this evening?

Much the same really. She does sound quite snuffly.

She has now had 3 tiny bits of medicine altogether.

She has been asleep on my lap for the last hour.

I've put her back in the broody cage in our dining room now and she is calling for her friends.

I'm sure she will soon settle down.

She has eaten a little bit - probably enough for a sparrow - but better than nothing.

Hoping tomorrow for a real change.

Thanks for asking @mullethunter x

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Peggy has eaten quite a few maggots and most of a strawberry, then she ate a few pellets and some sunflower hearts.

It's the most she's eaten in days.

I'm really hoping she has turned a corner as she still sounds very snuffly.

I'm just wondering how many maggots is an acceptable amount ?

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@Luvachicken if she's not eating, try her on some Harrison's Recovery Formula; it's a nutritionally dense feed for recovery post-illness or after an operation,. It's also brilliant for getting some good stuff into an ailing bird - you can make it up into a 'paste' if they will free-feed, or a looser syringe-able version if needed. I recently showed a friend how to use it on her girl who had crop surgery.

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Thank you @The Dogmother I will get her some.

Unfortunately today, we had to go the vets because although I was hoping she would be up and about this morning, she looked and sounded an awful lot worse.

The vet, although not chicken savvy, did seem to know quite a bit and said she could have myco but she didn't meet the text book diagnosis and it hasn't spread to the others.

Whatever cold thing she had before also didn't spread to the others.

The vet prescribed Tylan in her water, but as she is not eating or drinking, I've given her some in a syringe every hour.

All she wants to do is sleep. I know sleep is a good thing when you feel poorly.

Not even the maggots could tempt her today.  

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Today, Peggy is still snuffly, but she has at least eaten 2 spindly spiders (the ones that hide in your shower), some corn on the cob, some cheer up chicken seed and a couple of tiny, dandelion leaves.

She has drunk some of the Tylan, I just hope it's enough to make her feel better

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She is still here, but the sweetcorn is not a hit now, nor are the maggots.

I have managed to find her some more dandelion leaves and she ate them quite hungrily.

I think eating makes her tired, so I will see what I can tempt her with in an hour or so, after she's had a bit more sleep.

It's so annoying having to go to work as I don't think she has eaten anything this morning.

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On 7/10/2021 at 8:37 PM, Luvachicken said:

@The Dogmother, do I need to buy this Fauna Flora mix too as this is what you have put on your page ?

"If I have a sick or convalescing bird which isn’t eating, then I mix this with Harrison’s Fauna Flora and syringe feed if necessary"

Sorry that I missed this - I don't come on here very often these days :oops: I think that I answered this question on the FB group....

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