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how to make soup tasty?

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I love making soups and Im holding a bonfire bash next saturday night. We did the same last year and I made a huge pot of veggie soup, people said it was delicious but I thought it was bland. Any ideas out there for an easy to make tasty soup that everyone can eat (including children) ?? :idea:


I also liquidised the soup last year (as we had it in cups) - maybe this takes away some of the flavour?? :think:



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I'm not mega experienced at soup making, but I have found that you do need a good flavoured stock as the base. I've used ordinary oxo's but the soup tasted bland. The best is to either make your own stock, or use the Kallo organic chicken or veg stock cubes.

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I make a great tomato and chilli soup which has loads of flavour. It doesn't need stock as there's plenty of water in the tomatoes.

Half some tomatoes about 6 toms makes a large portion for 3 people so multiply as required. Chop one large onion, a couple of cloves of garlic and quarter a chilli (de-seed if you don't want heat. Place all ingredients in a baking tray season with plenty of salt n pepper, drizzle with your oil of choice and bake for 45 mins to an hour on gas mark 6.

When the tomatoes are starting to brown pour all the ingredients into a bowl and liquidise.

This is also really nice with red capsicum peppers which will bulk it out more.

If you like a thinner soup do add some veggie stock but I find it's a nice texture without.

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