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Getting Older

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My 29 yr old son and his girlfriend came to visit this weekend (drove up from Brixton). We had a great weekend, but I had to put the living room back together while they were here as we had been decorating it. I had to put the curtain rails back up - and curtain rails are my bete noir; they will never do as they are told and are always fiddly. So I got a bit ratty.


Then afterwards, when I was sat down with a cup of tea (a bit cold 'cos I hadn't finished the tea cozy) he gave me a card that they had obviously brought up with them.


Outside it had a line drawing of a chicken flying to the sun, and it said;



May each year be a feather on the glorious Chicken of Life as it soars UNTAMED and BEAUTIFUL towards the golden Sun.


Inside he had written;

Dear Dad, Happy Chicken Day.


I've got a lovely son and am very lucky.

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