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New Girls Booked for Beginning of March

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Here here on the dark nights, i just about have time to say morning to the girls as im going to work, and they:re long gone to bed by the time i get home!!! :(:( . I now waste EVEN more time with them on my days off!! :lol: . Got even more fun as we"re looking after the pubs flock next door, 11 birds there!!.

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That sounds pretty idyllic. I have the next best thing - I work in a school 10 minutes from home 3 days a week so am home not too late (although nowadays the girls are obviously thinking about putting their jammies on not long after I'm back!) and have nice long holidays.


(Jammies for chickens - how cute would that be :lol: )


Ooo, it might just catch on :lol:


Plus a little bed hat thingy each and a mini hot water bottle under their wing!! :lol:


Sounds like a good job-part time, close to home, short days and long holidays 8)

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