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Another sexing please

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Looks like a pretty boy to me Bron.... white wyandotte by any chance?


Hold it facing you at eye level and run your finger against the feathers at the base of it's tail (where it joins the back). Look at those feathers against the light, if they're pointed then it's a boy.


Try posting the photos on the pekinbantams forum Bron, they're real experts at sexing.

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I have someone very close to me whos just said they'll take all my spares.

DH is disapointed hes not getting his roast but I'm trying to do a deal that we hatch a batch of light sussex next year and keep them in the eglu purely for me to have cute chicks and him to have dinner

(sorry to those that are sensitive to it but I like the fact I know where its from/how its been treated)

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The girl that's taken most of my cockerels phoned me a couple of weeks ago and asked how I'd feel about having one for the oven as her OH was going to 'do' a few of them. I said that would be fine but didn't hear from her last week when she was supposed to bring it down.

Anyway I phoned her yesterday to arrange for her to take the next batch and the reason I didn't get one was that she'd traded 5 of the boys for a Labrador :lol: .

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