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Nicola O

Chickens are SO useful

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Today I did a job I have been putting off for months......I cleaned out the shed.


As well as being a hell of a job to empty out (how did I manage to accumulate so much stuff), sweep out, and put everything back in an orderly fashion (though I know it won't stay like that for long) - the shed is full of loads of massive spiders :shock::shock: .


Now I'm not normally such a wimp but spiders do freak me out but I had a little helper. The chooks were out to freerange and Mildred (who I must admit is my favourite as she follows me everywhere) wandered in to see what I was up to. She soon found the spiders and quickly learnt that they seemed to appear when I moved something so she spent the morning glued to my side pouncing as soon as I moved a piece of junk :D , she had a whale of a time :D and saved me from monsters :lol: .



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do they eat them?


They certainly do! :lol: Just wait 'til yours discover the delights of a tasty spider or a crunchy woodlouse, or even better a yummy slug. Gardening takes on a whole new enjoyment level! 8)


i feel queesy :vom:

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the other day I was on the back garden talking to my neighbour. :D


all chickens came to investigate as Neighbour normally sends stuff over (as in slugs and stuff) :D


after about 5 minutes, granddaughter appeared and started passing rocks from garden over to me so chickens could eat all "creepys" and she could have a creepy free garden :lol:


this lasted about 20 minutes - anyone else watching would have been astounded :lol::lol::lol:

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Pepper helps me by turning over and scratching all my nicely raked leaves back around the lawn again - "just to make sure they're bug-free, mummy...." and she and Pepper have both helped me with the weeding - well, again "helped" might not be the appropriate word - they get underneath my fork or trowel into the freshly dug earth, and almost get speared in the process...... :shock::roll::lol:

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