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Worming frequency ?

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I recently introduced 2 new chickens to a current flock of 3 the original 3 seemed fine, the new ones seemed ill when they arrived so tried everything we can to boost them back up or help them feel better and then a course of Marriages Layers Pellets with Flubenvet which they ate for a week with no snacks or treats. we found I think white worms in the poo so that seems positive.

Its now been 2 weeks since then and now I can see dead red worms on the rooster bars when I cleaned out the coop does that mean the single course of worming wasn't enough and I should do another week in a couple of weeks time?


All the hens seem happy as normal bar one, she seems slightly unhappy but she is also one of the new hens and the lowest in the pecking order so maybe she is just submissive and not ill at all but with the red worm and slightly lower activity then the others maybe she is still not 100%

Ive attached a picture of the worms, not sure if its useful or just graphic/gross :) I forgot to take a picture of the red worm.


Anyway how soon can I reuse marriages pellets with flubenvet, I did call them and ask them that question but the lady on the phone said she would get back to me and never did :(


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Thanks for your responses

I read the bag when we used it but I've thrown it away now so can't look back.

I have found a link that shows this with regards to flubenvet 1% dose on layers pellets:
it is licensed to be used every three weeks (so one week on, two off, one on) in areas where there are known worm infestations and wild birds present causing the hens to be susceptible to re-infestation. 


I obviously don't want to cause any harm to the girls so any help, advice or experience is really appreciated 


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Hi also while you wait for when you can use the flubenvet I would add apple cider vinegar to the hens water and if you can find any add ditamacious earth to the food it might help a bit but still use the flubenvet as you can see the worms

Hope this helps a bit


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Thanks for the replies and thanks for all the help... :)

I tried some Diatomaceous earth but I'm not sure how much it helped, maybe it did.. But almost done with this 2nd round of flubenvet, No sign of worms at all. 

Id have to say all the hens look happy, the original hens looked fine anyway but the 2 new hens we picked up looked sickly when they arrived, actually we brought them from the same place as the original lot and when we got them they were not in great shape maybe its time to find another seller :)

one of the new ones has started to lay which is nice an amber rock 

the other one (below) still isn't laying yet 

Can you tell by a picture if she is close to laying? she is a devon blue and looking forward to blue/green eggs :)

When we first got her home she wouldn't move, she was just stuck in one place, she actually had like whitish liquid coming from her mouth like sick maybe? didn't think she was going to make it to be honest, but im new to keeping chickens so what do I know :) 




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If you saw worms with the first dosing but not the second I’d say that’s a good sign.

For the hen pictured I’d say from her comb and wattles that she’s probably old enough to lay, but I’d expect them to be a bit redder if she was imminently about to. Could be wrong though - difficult to tell from a photo really. 

Regarding the breeder - I would say definitely find another. Two sets of unhealthy hens is not good and the description of whitish liquid from the beak sounds very concerning although I don’t know what that would be.

Whereabouts in the country are you?

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Good to see the hens are improving the ditamacious earth does help the gut but not healing it I use it on my hens they have no signs of worms I hope the hens get better soon!



Good to see the hens are improving the ditamacious earth does help the gut in preventing so use it for maybe a week or less every month a tablespoon with pellets. In terms of laying the comb seems almost there depends what age I have a legbar hybrid she started laying at 22 weeks but it can be up to 28 so be patient. 


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