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5 Chooks In An Eglu

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I have 5 girls in an eglu with a run convertor. There is enough room but even so they tend to all stay together at one end of the run. They freerange for an hour or so each day and have the weekend out roaming. In the eglu they squash up against each other leaving plenty of spare room for a few more. Go ahead, 5 is ok. :D

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I have 3 with a single run converter - 3 with the normal run was just too many especially with the bit of bullying going on. Now they've got the converter panel as the extra length it allows them much better space so I'm less worried about them being in the run all day if they really have to be......I would say (although I'm not an expert by any means) that yes, 5 in the eglu might be OK but you might find pecking going on through overcrowding in the run.....I suppose it all depends on the size of the chickens - bantams would be fine but from own experience I would say for hybrids and up you need more run space..... If they're all cosy and buddy-buddy then it might be OK :?

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