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*Thick question alert*

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you dont need bedding. But you will need something to line the poo tray and nest box with. newspaper will be ok in the poo tray for now and you could put shredded paper in the nest box.


When you can you could change to hemcore or aubiose in the tray/nest box or some people carry on with paper.

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Don't panic :lol:


The chickens don't need any bedding. They will roost on the bars by clamping their claws around the wooden slats.


You can put straw (not hay), shredded paper, hemcore or auboise in the nesting box but it is not necessary. I use newspaper as some of my girls sleep in the nestbox and also poo in there. In the morning I scoop up the pooey paper and replace with fresh.

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Good luck with the new arrivals!


They don't come with bedding as such - but they don't really need any, they sleep on the roosting bars. Many (but not all) people put something in the nesting box, as much to give a soft landing for the eggs as anything else. You can use torn up newspaper for that. I use Aubiose (available from horsey shops). It's a hemp byproduct, comes in a big bale for not much money and lasts for ages. It's also useful for lining the poo tray (makes it very easy to clean) and can be composted.


But don't worry, just enjoy hen-keeping



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Wow thank you everyone, really kind offers! I've got a farm near by with straw so I shall get some there in the morning and i've found a supplier for hemcore in Wheathampstead which isn't too far either. Thank you again for the offers, what a lovely bunch!! :D

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