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They haven't read the books that say they prefer to cling onto roosting bars. You could leave a book in the run :wink: - or put a plastic flowerpot (or football) in the nest box for a few nights, to discourage them!


Some people don't mind, but I get cross about scooping poo out of the nest box. You can put the flowerpot in before they go to bed, and take it out once they've roosted, if you are worried they will want to lay before you get up.

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My 3 ex-batts live in a wooden house with three perches and three nestboxes.


Guess where they sleep?


I don't understand why they don't snuggle up together, either on a perch or on the floor of the house.


I am too soft to kick them out of the nest boxes - it only takes acouple of minutes to scoop the droppings out of the aubiose.

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how about putting up a notice in the coop telling them where they should roost and where they should lay? I did - and they didn't take any notice.


Mine are all over the place. One always is in the nest box overnight, one is on the partition and the rest are together on the bars.

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