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Imagine David Beckham paying off your mortgage!

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My eldest daughter told me this yesterday - her friend's aunt and uncle had booked a room at Gleneagles for their wedding anniversary. They got a phone call asking them to change rooms, and if they did the hotel would give them an extra night free. They declined and said they had specifically wanted that room as that's where they stayed on their honeymoon. Another call offered them a week's stay which they still declined. Finally someone from the hotel phoned and asked them how much it would cost to pay off their mortgage - they replied it was none of their business!

Anway turns out David Beckham wants to hire out the whole floor and they have now changed rooms and are mortgage-free :shock::lol:

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Don't want to come across as a synical chap , but that sucks :shock: there are kids and people starving throughout the world working for pennies each day , Victoria goes on a 3rd world tour pretending to be all whiter than white and through there selfishness they throw money around like it means nothing .


I'd best stop now :shock:

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Ummmm... people wasting their money will always happen, and it's not a nice thought... my lines above (saying we stayed in gleneagles and no celebrity wanting my floor) was not to be taken seriously, i wouldn't let anyone buy my mortgage, that's for us to sort and pay...

There is so much money wastage every day in every kind of scales all over the world, that I tend to try not to criticise rich celebrities too much.There are people starving yet I still buy things I don't need, and go on nice holidays... so if I dont sacrifice my wants to the greater good, I shouldn't

criticise other people who don't, just because they have more money...


But I do wonder why someone needs a whole floor of a place like Gleneagles? If they have a safety issue, they can bring more security staff, if they have so many people with them, then they should just have booked it as such... it's not their way to spend their money, but the thought that they think they can buy people, that bothers me... and then the fact that it works, that bothers me even more...

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Claret " i wish i'd of been able to join in with the thread , it really annoys me seeing the likes of POSH SPICE going to a third world country doing a documentry prentending to care wearing her thousands of pound clothing and makeup , with her long fingernails in an attempt to fool the public , David is know better IMO , and that story really sums them up :shock::shock::shock::shock:




Feel better now :lol:


My fingers will be waiting for the next thread on egotistical footballers and there money grabbing wives ...

Oh no " my maids calling 8):lol::lol::lol:

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I shall endeavour to find out if my daughter's friend is a liar :?


I wasn't calling anyone a liar. I have just heard a few similar stories about the Beckham's it is maybe a thing they do a lot! Or a lot of borrowed versions of the same event.


Once a story gets about a bit by e-mail everyone knows the person it happened to etc, etc. So what may have occured once seems to be a pandemic! :roll:


I am sure the Beckham's wouldn't go about taking over Hotels and throwing cash about like that,...........hang on...I'm not sure at all!!! :lol:




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If the likes of the Beckhams want to throw their money around then anyone would be mad not to take it because it would only go somewhere less worth while otherwise.


The people who have benefited will be better off for life and may choose to spend their extra money more wisely and spread the goodwill :)


It is so sad that their are people so wealthy that they lose all sense of realism. Victoria would have been far better spending that money on a donation to CIN than singing that awful song with the other Spice Girls and pretending that she was doing it all for charity. She looked so false and out of place last night :evil:

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