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Ha Ha, Typical !!

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:D:D Well I decided to buy my hubby a CUBE and 3 chickens..promised to myself that I would NOT tell him, that I would keep it a secret till 21st Dec when it is being delivered.. But guess what last night I couldnt bear it and just had to spill the beans, I was a little bit anxious that he might not be as excited about it as me especially as he loves his perfect garden ...

AND, not only is he really looking forward to it he told me to get MORE chickens so today I ordered more from OMLET and an extra 1m run, very expensive but I want them to have lots of space so that they feel happy...

are the OMLET chicks good ones or should I look for different ones to add to the 3 i already had ordered...?


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Well I wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret either - good news that he is as thrilled about it as you are, and after all it saves time getting all the chickens and extras together!


Omlet chickens are great - they are bred as good layers, and generally will fit the job description, but they only do two sorts - gingernuts and pepperpots. If you are getting some more, you could look at different ones - hybrids or pure breeds. What about one that lays pale blue eggs, for example?


I don't know much about different breeds, but there is a sticky on here about them ... and someone else will be on soon, I'm sure! If you arrange to get them all on the same day, i.e. the day the Cube arrives, then they should all get along together quite well.


How eggciting!

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Brilliant. We had Omlet girls to start with and they are great, Now we have others -but I would probably still have the Omlet lasses first off.


I've never had ex-batts so couldn't comment about them, but loads of folk on the forum do have them and find it really rewarding and they are great hens.

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Definitely go and look at a chicken breeder near you, it is so interesting seeing alll the different shapes and sizes! Although it is brilliant having the Omlet girls as everything is explained clearly, it is great fun picking your own and then bringing them home. :)

(Best of both worlds! :lol: )

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:P thanks everyone!...i shall look at others but where is the best place to get them? and do they feliver...i'm in north london.. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


If you're seriously considering ex batts.............Essex on 28th Dec :wink:


Sorry, don't know about N. London suppliers though, emailing Barbara is a great idea, she's very helpful and has details of Omlet recommended suppliers.

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.i shall look at others but where is the best place to get them? and do they feliver...i'm in north london


There's a fantastic place near me called Thornes - it's just off the A1 not far north of Letchworth so probably a 45 min drive from the M25.


If you don't hear of anywhere closer I can give you details



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