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3 chooks in need of a new home

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I've recently been offered the chance of a sabbatical from work :lol: beginning in mid-January 2008; this means we will be out of the country for at least 8 months, therefore we are having to re-home our chickens. :cry:


We have 3 chickens : Rita (Miss Pepperpot PP ) - the adventurous one of the group, always jumping on top of the run, 2 years old, non layer (she lays shell-less eggs about once a fortnight); Mavis (Speckeldy) - very talkative (but not in a loud way!), 2 years old, lays about 4 !egg! a week; Deirdre (Gingernut Ranger GNR ) - very friendly 1 year old, lays !egg! pretty much every day.


The chooks tend to free range in a 20ft x 12ft space all day (while we are both at work, so they don't need constant attention!) and are rarely kept in the run for long periods (except overnight, obviously). Ideally we would like to see if anyone could re-home them in a similar environment.


We are also selling our green Eglu (green eglu) , either with or without the chooks - please see separate posting under the MarketPlace.


Can youhelp?!


We are based in Henley-on -Thames and collection would be preferred, although we can deliver if not too far.


We are flexible on dates as we leave UK on 16th Jan, we can re-home them any time from now until the beginning of January.


If anyone is interested please PM me.



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Back online properly this time 8)


I would love them, but with 8 girls in the hen pen now,I feel we are at full occupency.

We are going to make a new bigger pen,as it seems small now I have so many hens,but proberly not until the spring,so I really cannot help this time :cry:


As luck would have it I met a hen keeping pal in Tesco earlier this morning,& she told me she is moving to York in 3 weeks,& asked if I could have her hens too (2 white Silkie hens & a Maran), but again I couldn't do it. If only I had known 4 days ago....... :roll:

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A lady did offer to take them, but we haven't heard anything from her for about a week. We've just sold the Eglu on Ebay and the winner s are v keen to collect it so we need to re-home the chooks asap! If you are still able to take them, when might you be able to collect (or, when might we be able to bring them over to you?) Where are you situated?

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Just to let everyone know Rita, Mavis and Deirdre have now been rehomed close to home with my 2 ginernut rangers - Primrose and Ginger. They were introduced last night and today all free ranged with not too much pecking !


There were clearly two separate groups today and to my amusement when Deidre went for Primrose Ginger defended her :)


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