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Boden Woman ???

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I'm wearing Boden pants (a different pair to yesterday, obviously :wink:). I have three Boden zip tops and two Boden Jackets - all sale items, apart from the pants. :roll:


Right now I am wearing Uniqlo Jeans in antique indigo (£10), and an M&S Americana T-Shirt (£15). Barefoot (£0). :wink:


And there was me imagining you in a suit & tie :oops:

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I imagine him in a scruffy dressing gown and old, slip-on slippers :lol: - don't ask me why.

Hmmm - well, whatever floats your boat, Lesley.... :wink:


I think grd works from home and never gets dressed, obviously :?:lol:

Awwwww... sussed. :roll:

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Oooooo Clare - are you feeling better now? Was it something you ate?


I had some of my friends homemade tiramisu last weekend - infact, I had TWO rather large helpings, and boy did I suffer the day after. It must have been too rich for my tummy (not used to eating cake you see :wink: ) and I was (sorry to lower the tone) glued to the toilet all night.


Out came the jog bots and big t-shirt borrowed from Darren and I felt really comforted.

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