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Not feeling like Christmas?

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Hubby & I can't believe how quickly Christmas is creeping up on us... we are all ready apart from having to buy cards for the family. We were talking yesterday about getting the decorations down from the loft, & we think we will go & get our tree on Sat 8th Dec... we just have to re-jig our couches a bit in the living room to have somewhere to put the tree :lol:

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I'm going to Lapland on 20th December with best mate and respective OH's. We both have our birthdays in December and so it seemed like a good idea, and hopefully get us in the Xmas mood too ..... BUT..... don't get too excited, its not the real Lapland.... Its LaplandUK :lol: just outside of Ashford in Kent. We are going to the Twilight trip. Sounds a bit of a giggle and pretty much sums Sue and me up (ie. big kids :roll: ).

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HI Redfrock


Lucky you going to LaplandUK, I tried to book up but is was sold out. You must let us know what it is like, it looks great. I'll have to be more organised next year!!




I think it all sold out pretty quickly - when we went to book only the twilight trips were available, which suits us as it is just 4 adults going. I'll try to remember to set up a thread after I've been. I think there are still some Twilight trips available

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