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you can get poultry grit on its own or mixed poultry grit and oyster shell- the grit helps them grind up their food and the oyster shell gives them extra calcium for nice hard egg shells. We use the mixed.


you should be able to get it at the same place you get your pellets and it's not normal bird grit (by normal i assume you mean budgie/parakeet) it's special poultry grit and you do need it.

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well, 2 totally differing opinions, just goes to show!


I use layers mash mostl :lol: which I don't think has grit in it, we're gradually moving over to pellets but we're still going to provide the mixed grit/oyster shell just to be on the safe side.


When we give them treats, after they've finished they head straight for their bowl of grit, it's as if they know they need some :)

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I recycle my eggshells by baking them in the oven for a few minutes, sticking them in the food grinder and adding them to the layers pellets. Do NOT

over bake the shells, the smell of burnt eggshells is disgusting :evil::roll:




we do that too

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I understood the pellets have got grit in - but I mix some in with the pellets anyway, and they don't complaint! I also scatter some in the run when I refresh the aubiose. I'd rather err on the side of safety even if they don't really need it. I did try a separate pot of grit once, and they scoffed it up - and then played football with the pot, so I haven't bothered since!


Mine don't free-range much, if they did I might not bother as they would get plenty form the garden.


My understanding was that the grit (as previously posted here) helps them digest their food, but the eggshells are for added calcium - two different things.


I do give mine crunched up eggshells as well, but three of mine are not laying at all at the moment, so as Vicki says, it's immaterial!

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