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SAD NEWS & Advice needed please - UPDATE

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Upon doing my usual checks on my ladies this morning, I was horrified to find that Holly my 24 week old lavender araucana had died overnight :cry:


I am totally shell shocked, I purchased two lavender araucana's from the Wernlas Collection 5 weeks ago, both appeared to be in excellent health, they both lived together in a brand new eglu, I gave them fresh water and food every day and the whole eglu was jet washed and scrubbed every weekend.

Holly appeared to be eating fine, and there was no indication of respiratory distress, her comb (what I could see through her fluffy hair do) look firm and red(ish) considering that she was not laying yet. There has been no sign of red mite or anything else sinister


Im devestated, Ive only kept Hens since August and am petrified that I may have done something wrong, im also worried for her companion - Heidi who looks lost without her sister, but she is far too small to consider moving her into the cube with the big girls.


What should I do? my Husband says I should ring Wernlas but I need to make sure that it is nothing Ive done wrong first :cry:

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Sorry to hear your sad news :(


As everyone has said, it sounds as if you have done all the right things, so try not to blame yourself


We had 3 of our girls from Wernlas and they were so helpful, give them a ring and just tell them what has happened, just to be on the safe side.


Take care

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You poor thing. You are right to ring the breeder and let them know, especially if you bought her recently - they may even offer you a replacement.


Chooks have a lighter hold on life than most animals, and it's not unknown for them to die suddenly in the night, it's usually down to a heart attack.


I'm so sorry to hear your news.

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What a shock! I am sorry.


It sounds as if you have done everything right. I would give the Wernlas Collection a ring. They might be prepared to offer a replacement as you had not had her for long.


They will probably appreciate feedback anyway.....if there is a problem with their hens, they will want to know.

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Thank you all so much for your reassurance and support, I have rang the Wernlas collection, the lady was very nice, she was also as shocked as me, the only explanation that we could come up with is that it was a heart attack.

She has asked me to observe Heidi (my other araucana) over the weekend and to ring her back next week.

I am going to try and organise a companion for Heidi as she looks so lonely, unfortunately wernlas have no araucanas left , they are going to let me know what suitable alternatives they have for me to purchase next week.


Thanks again for all your support


Nia x

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A Huge thank you to Claret :D who put me in touch with Ky Therland the Araucana club secretary.


I spoke with her on Saturday, she was very reassuring and been as though she only lives about twenty minutes away from me I decided to pop round after work this evening and guess what?................. I came away with two new girlies - Hannah, another Lavender Araucana and Hillary, a black Araucana so Heidi is no longer lonely.


They are all snuggled up asleep already, fingers crossed it stays as peaceful when they get up tomorrow :pray:


Thank you again to everyone who sent their support and kind wishes, I would have been lost without you.

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