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Tessa the Duchess

Bobbing woodpecker

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Ok, wonder if anyone can help. I am looking to buy one of those toys

that are a hinged woodpecker on a stand, you place it by a glass of water and dip its beak in the water and then it just goes on bobbing up and down for ever or at least until the water runs out, works by evaporation I think. My

DH had one as a child and has a yen for another, good stocking filler gift :)

I have googled with no luck, anyone seen one for sale lately :?: or even know what I am talking about?:oops:



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Egluntine, how do you get your links to show as "....these"?


Sorry...didn't see this earlier.


Someone posted the instructions I see.


My sort of site! I've sent hubby the link as a hint for Xmas prezzies, I just hope he doesn't get me one of the Selk bags....very fetching!!!! :lol:

I completely misread this as "I hope he doesn't get me one of the sick bags"


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