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Just wondered whether 5 hens in an Eglu would be ok? :?


My run is 5 ft X 11 ft and I was considering getting a couple more hens in the spring/summer and just wondered if 5 would be way too many?

What about the run-would that be big enough for 5? :pray:


Only toying with the idea but thought I'd get some opinions before getting carried away day dreaming!! :roll:

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I have 2 Eglus for my 8 hens,4 of which are new girls but they still all cram into one Eglu at night :roll:

I would much rather they split up,& have tried to seperate them into the 2 Eglus at night,but they do insist every night on cramming back in again.


The other Eglu is handy as an extra egg laying area,but I am seriously considering now whether I mught be better off with a cube :think:


Prior to this I have had 5 or 6 hens sleeping in one Eglu at night which has been fine, but 8 is just a couple too many for comfort,I think.

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Hi Jay!


After a week settling in time, my new and old girls share an eglu. Thats 5 in an (orange eglu) and there is still room!


Bearing in mind, that Winifred is a massive light sussex!


The only problem would be the run size, but as you have a large run, it wouldn't be a problem!!! :D:D


So do you think a 5ft X 11 ft run is big enough if it has perches and shelves in it?


I would hate to cause behaviour problems due to lack of space :(

I have had enough behaviour problems to last a life time I think!! :roll:

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I think that would be fine!


When i am at work (and away with work overnight) we have 2 in a standard run and 3 in a run with convertor. When i'm here they free range in their own garden corner.


Just make sure they have stuff to scratch around in and perches/logs etc and they will be happy as Larry!!


(who is Larry)? :wink::wink:

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:lol: I have no idea who Larry is! :lol:


Well, the run works out to be 55 squared feet (well a little over that) and everywhere seems to say 10 square feet per hen in the run-so 5 hens should be fine. They will have a little over the 10 square feet each as well as perches, logs etc. Hemcore to scratch about in and a little free ranging time each day so it looks as though I will be getting a couple more come spring :D:D


I love the look of the light sussex and also the hybrid-sussex star which looks the same but is a little smaller I think.


Does anyone know if the Sussex star has the same qualities as the light Sussex?


More questions :oops::roll:

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Yep-thinking of more already :oops:

Not till the spring though :D And OH has no idea :?


Rose has given up shouting at the new girls-think she realised that she was wasting her time as they took no notice at all. :lol:


She is also not trying to attack them through the bars and they don't seem quite as keen on poking their heads through! :wink:


She hasn't slept with them yet-I am waiting until her injuries have healed more but I am thinking of letting them all have a little mooch about in the garden soon, maybe in a day or two.

I know they are going to have to sort things out in their own way but I feel confident that they are not all going to turn into cannibals!! At least I pray that they are not going to! :roll:


I don't know why I am thinking of getting more after my recent problems. :think: Madness I presume. :D

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Just wanted to ask about nests. If I had 5 girls in an Eglu would they all manage ok with 1 nest?? :?

I know that when I had the other two girls there would be times when two wanted to lay at the same time so they would squeeze in together so I guess it would be ok???!


Also just wanted to let you all know that for the past two nights, I have put Rose to sleep in with Jasmine and Brandee. So far so good!!

Rose is healing nicely now and has no more scabs or bruising, just a bit pinky and bald but lot's of protein will help her I'm sure. :wink:


I do let them all out together now and Rose does give the newbies a hard time but it's not too bad and I'm sure that they will all be settled by Christmas. :D

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