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Does any one else feed their chooks fruit? I cut up some bananas and apples and a couple of satsuma halves. They polished off all the apple and bananas, but satsumas!! I've never seen a chook with a sour puss before they didn't like them one bit


Mine help themselves to the apples on the trees! Now I have apples with peck marks in them.


Hey - just noticed I've got 'Yippee 1000' posts

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I've just had a text from home; Daisy has laid her first egg - small but perfectly formed (no comments please). Trust her to wait until I was in London, and won't be home until Monday!


I now have only six hens to decide to lay their first one - and the Orps are all a couple of weeks older than Daisy.


And Evil Georgie is still in her autumn moult so she's on a laying strike. We've had to buy eggs for the last couple of months - first time for four years!

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Helly Welly said

We use apples with a stalk and hang them up in the run on a piece of string, its like swingball for chickens

We did something like that, I tied string around the apple so it had been quartered then hung it from the roof of the run. OH and I were crying with laughter as they tried to peck it. They have good reflexes tho! Might make the string a bit longer next time. Strangely they wouldn't eat an apple until it was peeled. I guess they're being fussy?

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