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Aunty e

End of my tether (sorry, this is a total moan)

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I’ve pretty much had enough. I took a week off work a couple of weeks ago (the last week my OH was on tour) to do the kitchen with my brother helping me. The first weekend I wanted to spend doing it, I couldn’t thanks to stupid weddings and then OH coming home on the Sunday and taking up all my attention. Then it took me ages to get the old kitchen out, and my brother turned up two days late, so we only really worked on it Thursday and Friday. Then I did some tongue and groove on the walls that weekend (all weekend). OH came home and was kind of fine about it. The next week, I had to go back to work, my brother came on three days, and we got a bit more done. Then stopped over last weekend pretty much, although I was did some plastering and moved a few things back into cupboards. He came on Tuesday this week, and now isn’t coming back until next Tuesday. I still have stuff in boxes all over the house, no new floor, and can’t do the tiling until he comes back.


On top of this, I have a house smelling of cat, kittens EVERYWHERE constantly underfoot, mess everywhere thanks to the lodgers who think I have nothing better to do than pick up after them, a concert to do this week, I’m going away weekend after next, I have a whole set of Oklahoma costumes to do for Saturday, which I haven’t even started, and I have to play for some morris dancers on Saturday morning. The OH has been having nightmares with his new laptop, having had the old one stolen on the last leg of his tour, so my bedroom is covered in three computers, the wretched orange broadband has conked out AGAIN (last time it went for six weeks) and he’s left a PA on the landing from his last gig on Sunday (which of course had to stop working on the kitchen in order to go to). And he’s lost some of the costumes from it. Great.


My dad is getting gradually more and more confused, and I’m convinced it’s his apomorphine, and "Ooops, word censored!"ody, not even my mum, seems to believe me. This afternoon, my mum found him in the living room, in two vests, not having eaten anything, even his breakfast which she made for him, with no real idea of what was going on. He’s a liability to himself right now.


And then my IDIOT husband decided to have a go at me this lunchtime about the kitchen not being done, despite the fact that we couldn’t afford to pay a proper installer, having had to replace the door which his STUPID sausage-fingered friend broke, to the tune of £1200. Am about to break something. My real job isn’t even getting a look in at the moment. The only things I could possibly drop are the things that I want to do for myself, and I don’t want to. I just want everyone else to stop being so bl**dy rubbish.



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:( Oh Aunty E, I am sorry. I recognise how you feel and can totally understand your frustration. All you careful planning has been spoilt by other people. :evil: And being without a kitchen is always :evil::evil::evil:


You need to relax a bit. Maybe sorting out the costumes will be a pleasant break as well as achieving a big something. You could put some music on while you work.


Or just abandon everythng today and start afresh tomorrow. :D


And tell your DH that you need support, love and understanding; you have plenty of stress to deal with and don't want any more, thank you!!


I hope you feel a bit better now you've ranted. Keep - or start - smiling!

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I'm just so impressed that you can actually do all those things :shock: .


Tongue and groove :shock:

Plastering :shock:

Making costumes :shock:

Playing for morris dancers :shock:


Add lodgers, kittens, sausage-fingered friends (love that one :lol: ) and dotty dads (I've got one heading that way :roll: ) YOU NEED A BLINKING OBE, MY DEAR :!:

I dont know about an OBE, you need a medal the size of a bin lid. :lol:


a million hugs to you




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The only things I could possibly drop are the things that I want to do for myself, and I don’t want to.

I really hope you are able to stand firm and make sure you find time to do these things. Sounds like you are a real grafter and get taken advantage of for it.

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my god I'd have been at the gin bottle weeks ago! You have got a lot on your plate, and honestly being without a kitchen is the worst thing - when I had my last one done, I used to just come home and cry at the state everything was in. It was all worth it though - when it's done, it will be wonderful - and it sounds as if a lot of the worst is over, the tiling will go quite fast once it's started.


You can't drop any of this, from the sound of it - I guess another week off work is out of the question? Shut yourself in the bathroom with a large drink (and NO cats!) and have a good cry, it always works wonders for me. Then tell the lodgers to start pulling their weight, and just ignore your OH - sounds like he is pretty stressed as well.


I think having your dad in a bad way is stressful enough without any of these things, but sometimes you just have to accept there is nothing you can do about some of these things. Tackle the ones you can, and forget about the ones you can't! Six months from now you will look back and think 'how on earth did I cope' You can always come on here for a moan, anyway.

PS - you don't mention CHICKENS once in your post, I hope that is because they are all behaving like little angels and not causing you any extra problems!

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Thanks for all of your kind words. Am feeling much better this morning, as OH apologised, the concert went well and the kitchen actually does work pretty much now. It just looks like a building site. The kittens were doing their best to convince me that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, and I woke up this morning with cats draped over me purring, which was actually pretty nice. I also persuaded some of my friends to come over tomorrow night to help me make costumes, which should be good fun if hard work.


Think that large glass of wine in the pub after the concert helped, also the lovely people who said I was looking svelte. It was all the corset, but who CARES!

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