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We lost one of our girls last night

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Our lovely Petal died during the night. She had been withdrawn for 2-3 weeks not eating much just standing around moulting feathers. They were all wormed and no mites or lice. Our 3 are ex-batts and she was the greediest one. she laid a few long eggs then stopped a few weeks ago, after reading advise on the forum i decided as no temperature or swellings that she was just moulting and feeling down. I have over the past few days kept her inside in the warm as she's lost so much weight but last night I thought she'd like to sleep with the others in the eglu but she was dead this morning when I opened the eggport door. Now I don't know if she was too cold but died in company or if I'd kept her inside the house would she still be ok. The others are fine and seem healthy still laying too but one still needs to grow more feathers and she seems to be starting a moult too (bald head!). Can they get too cold in the winter if they loose too many feathers?

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Just wanted to offer sympathy from one ex batt owner to another.


As well as poultry forums (and the vet if symptoms linger) a good first point of contact with ex batts is always your BHWT co-ordinator. There are some on here so perhaps they'd be able to give you more advice about the featherless situation.


I worry constantly that I'm doing the right things for my girls, they're very special ladies aren't they? :(

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