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Sorry about your hamstring - I have a TENS machine going full pelt all day today, so can sypathise with your pain - mine in a different place.


I love your website and check back at it quite a bit - love your recipes too.


Get well soon - and go for the Wine every time! Less chemicals :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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not added some new recipes in a while have i..


think thats because the meal plans I email out each week, I describe each meal a bit more, so recipes are not always needed seperatly..


this was this weeks meal plans




B: Cornflakes, skimmed milk, Orange juice


L: butternut squash, and chilli soup


D: GF cannelloni filled with spinach and ELF cheese, topped with a cheese sauce made from elf cheese, skimmed milk and lots of fresh chopped parsley. Served with new potatoes and peas


Drinks: earl grey tea


Snacks: apple,








B: orange juice, cornflakes, skimmed milk


L: spinach soup (use left over spinach from last night)


D: GF tortilla wraps filled with red pepper hummus, roasted Butternut squash and cherry tomatoes, and fresh lettuce. Jasmine rice


Drinks: earl grey tea


Snacks: orange








B: grape fruit topped with sweetener, fat free yogurt, orange juice


L: chicken and sweet corn soup


D: Gammon, pineapple ring, poached egg, no count chips,


Drinks: earl grey tea


Snacks: apple,








B: baked beans, poached egg, mushrooms grilled tomatoes


L/D: roasted parsnips, potatoes, mashed suede, Brussels, soy-mushroom burger


Drinks: earl grey tea


Snacks: orange, left over Veg and gravy later on






B: grape fruit, orange juice, yogurt


L: sweetcorn and bacon soup


D: creamy Leek and bacon pasta, with onions and peppers


Drinks: milky tea


Snacks: apple,






B: lemon in hot water, pear, pineapple juice.


L: left over pasta mixed with mayo, tuna and sweetcorn


D: lamb, Butternut squash and courgette Moussaka (using BNS and Courgettes instead of aubergine, ELF cheese and tinned tomatoes),


Drinks: earl Grey tea


Snacks: orange






B: lemon in hot water, pear, orange juice.


L: vegetable and chilli soup


D: chicken fajitas with homemade guacamole, homemade salsa, and mixed veg


Drinks: lemon and ginger in hot water, orange juice,


Snacks: apple,

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reason I chose ragdolls


1. they do not scratch furnature

2. they are house cats, so live longer (no risk of catching deseases from other cats, or getting run over/ injured)

3. they are very much lapcats


all my cats know a lot of english (fish / walkies / bed / sit / roll over) gizzy is extreemly clever. and it only takes me about 30mins to teach him something new. he already knows "paw", "other paw" "talk"


and he goes out on the lead too :)


this is lady darcy



and this is cocoa


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They are both lovely :D


I am really keen to get a house cat,as this road that we live on is a constant worry.

Have you ever bred from your cats & had litters of kittens?

I ask because it was just such fun when Pip had her kits a year or so ago, & I really want a female so that we can have little purry people around again :P:P


Ragdolls do sound ideal for us,so I will look into it a bit more.

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oh poor Karen - I DO hope you are feeling better? If not, keep on the wine - much better than painkilliers :wink: Lovely recipes - Paul is on a GF diet and the hardest thing I find is DIFFERENT food that might tickle his tastebuds (hes an lifelong meat eater but I think some of the recipes may do as side dishes for him :roll: ) the butternut squash and chilli soup sounds lovely - but I cant find the recipe on your website - probably being more than ordinarily stupid! - any chance of pointing me in the right direction

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I can sypmathise Kaz - I ruptured a ligament a couple of years ago - it was agony, and that's from someone with a high pain threshold!


I love your cats - their bue eyes are astonishing :D I woul d love a more cuddly cat - my old cat Pepsi was so cuddly. Millie is too vicious and Georgie is scared of everyhting, but will cuddle on her own terms.


Kooringa - is your pain from your arthritis? My mother has deradful pain in her hands from that, and she has found massive relief from wearing a magnetic bracelet 24/7. She is the most sceptical person I know, so I don't htink it's psycological. I have had one on for a few weeks now because I had persistet joint pain in my left thumb - it has gone now. I am leaving the bracelet off for a while to see if it comes back.

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