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The Peoples £50 Million Lottery Giveaway

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Egluntine however much you Sheffielders recon, Robin Hood is not yours, he belongs in the Midlands.




What is this all about Martin?


Where in any of my posts have I claimed that Robin Hood belongs to Sheffield? Or even mentioned him for that matter :?


I happen to be voting for Sherwood Forest because it is a place of great beauty and history and I'm very fond of it, having spent many happy hours there with my children when they were small.


I wouldn't mind betting that it is closer to Sheffield than it is to Alcester.


And for the record....I'm not a Sheffielder. I am a Mancunian.

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im voting for sherwood forest, beng from nottingham how can i vote for anything else.


oh and the eden project have being playing under hand tricks, they have sent out fliers saying vote for anyone but sherwood forest. very naughty. it might be propaganda, but hey, VOTE SHERWOOD FOREST!!!!!!


martin, robin hood belongs in nottingham. and just in case anyone is wondering, we really do have a sheriff of nottingham!

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Regards Robin Hood I understand that he actually came from Doncaster. I'm sure the Business Airport in Doncaster has been renamed Robin Hood Airport as a bit of a statement but I may be talking nonsense!



You are right about the airport Daniel.


We have an area called Loxley in Sheffield so I think we can lay a certain amount of claim to the legend as Robin Hood was supposed to have some connection there.

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Just voted :D


It was a close run thing, I very, very nearly voted for the Black Country as it sounds like they are planning some great regeneration in a pretty neglected area, but in the end I opted for Sustrans because it does look as if their projects are spread wide nationally and that a great many communities will benefit. The fact that they've also got a great project planned for my home town did also sway the vote :roll::lol::lol::lol::lol:


Some great ideas and worthy causes there though 8)

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Egluntine wrote:


[Egluntine"]In which case he looks familiar. League of Gentlemen?


That be him. Not League of Gentleman, he is a one man sort of stand up show with an electronic piano thingy, very much an acquired taste, definitely my taste :) He used to have a slot on Radio 4. I have seen ALL his shows,

and have tapes of all the radio shows :oops: Yes he was Jilted John and had a brief hit with his record. Anyway, he is from Sheffield, South Yorkshire and always mentions it in his shows. The best way to describe his humour is David Brent/Tommy Cooper plus a dash of hugely funny bum clenching stuff. All good clean fun, which makes a change these days :)



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