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Make your own peck-a-block

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I don't know how long Pecka-blocks survive the pecking and thought I might try and make my own :roll:


Would flour and water paste stick it all together ok?

Has anyone else done this and if you have, was it worth the effort :lol: ? Also if you have used a commercial Pecka-block how long would it take 7 hens to demolish it?


Many thanks


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Just bringing this one up again.

yesterday while I was out buying feed for my girls I picked up a wild bird feeding block thing made up of seeds and dried fruit. Instead of it being stuck together with lard its done with honey. only enough to make it all stick and its set hard so not enough to be bad for them. Its been in with them for a day and they all enjoy a good peck and its still pretty much fully intact so I should think it would last them a fair while. it comes on a plastic stick with a hook on the end so I have hooked it in their run and they do them in long rectangular block or bell shaped (very festive) and the beauty is it cost about £1.80


I will see if I can find a link to it to show you.


Edit: yup here you go


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I have bought my three girls a peckablock each, the Johnsons ones held together with honey that Cat mentioned, these are small and only cost 50p each. I am going to hang them in the run after they have gone to bed tonight :) so they will have their presents first thing on Christmas morning. I bought three to stop any fighting but I bet they will all want to use the same one :roll::roll:



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