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after slogging my guts out making a new coop and run because oh said getting a cube was too much money.


after a few weeks oh has taken to the resident chickens (even my mum likes them and she's not a lover of anything living not human!!) anyway today he's come home to a bumper pay packet complete with a mega bonus and said "i wish we'd got a cube, that'll look great in the garden"



watch this space


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Wot's with the purrrple Richard? :wink:


cubes just HAVE to be purple.


Well I can confess to having a purple superglug to 'match' the green eglu- so i guess in keeping with this seasons colour - the girls are in fashion.

Question is what will be the trend 2008 when I get a cube too?? :):)




The others are still bit quivery but hey its only been just over a week. :D:D:D

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[Question is what will be the trend 2008 when I get a cube too?? :):)



Well, since you are asking first, what colour will yours be? It could be the colour for 2008 if you promote it vociferously now ......


Well to be honest I personally would like a Rainbow coloured one or settle for two tone green/purple. 8) However omlet don' give me that option! :( so i'll promote the Blue.

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