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To the Manor Born...2007

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I liked the storyline and the way it meant that Audrey ended up living back with Marjorie in The Lodge - (anyone notice the chickens in some of the outside scenes? ;) )


Loved some of the touches that reminded me of the old series; like Audrey watching 'The Big House' through her binoculars.


Of course, it wasn't the same without Brabinger and his mother but you can't expect it to be the same.


They don't make 'em like they used to and neither should they.

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but the whole thing just seemed dated now which was :(


I quite liked the new Butler...who seemed to be called Haemorrhage :shock: , but he was not as cute as Brabbinger.


ROFL a035.gif


His name was Haveridge I think wasn't it?


This was the only programme I really wanted to watch on Christmas night but I too felt disappointed


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I explained to my son's girlfriend (who was with us for Xmas) that into every life a bit of rain must fall.


and since her indoors, for some unfathomable reason, wanted to watch To the Manor Born (don't ask me, I have never understood her TV watching preferences), that TTMB was the rain that was to fall into her life last night.


However I went to bed and escaped.


And I slept well - and got up early for Boxing Day golf.


great ...


And I reckon the bloke in to the Manor born is just about the sleasyest, slimiest, spiviest creep I have ever seen.




in my life.

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