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Practical Poultry - is it worth getting?

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I enjoy reading it. Often articles are written by back garden poultry keepers. Love the pictures. Articles are very useful too! I received a subscription for christmas and am delighted! Can't always get it from the shops here, so usually resort to Country Smallholding - very interesting but not very appropriate for a modern housing estate! :lol:

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I'm going to get a copy just to have a nosey.

Will WH Smith sell it?


Yes, they sell everything! They are the suppliers for a lot of newsagents round here too.


If you want to have it regularly, just ask your local newsagent to order it for you, they should have a list of all publications and will let you know when it arrives, and will be glad of the trade. My mum picks mine up from our local newsagent for me, who doesn't have any other orders for it, not surprisingly :D

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If you subscribe online via the Practical Poultry website, then you get 12 issues for 11, £34.08.


However, if you go to Isubscribe, then you can get a year's subscription for £32.49.


Isubscribe is also on Quidco, so if you go to it via Quidco then you'll get 7% of the £32.49 back into your Quidco account.

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I've got a year's subcription online. Handy that it just arrives in the post. I find lots of info interesting and easy to understand from the point of view of someone who just keeps 4 hens as pets. Got some really good tips from there.


I would recomend it. My only comment is sometimes their editorial comments seem a bit harsh on "unknowledgeable pet henkeepers". But that doesn't put me off and I find it a really useful magazine. Some info on show stuff does go a bit over my head though.....

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