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My favourite Christmas present...

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I'm sure there is probably already a present topic, but I can't find it....


I got one of THESE for Christmas from chookiehubbie - it is ABSOLUTLEY fantastic - cuppa in just a few seconds, and no wasting water if you have a bad habit of boiling too much water everytime you want a coffee.

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Snap, I got exactly the same thing. MIL decided that it was perfect for me because I'm renowned for my habit of deciding that I'd like a cuppa, switching the kettle on, going to do something else whilst it boils, forgetting about the kettle, only remembering when the water's tepid, switching the kettle on, going to so something else etc :roll::oops::oops: . Hubby maintains that I boil the kettle half a dozen times before he actually ever gets a cuppa made by me :shock: . That is an exaggeration I swear :oops: . Anyway, ideal pressie.


But mine leaks :( . From the bottom, great puddles of water, really impossible to use, so I'm well fed up. Hubby's going to try to get the receipt from MIL so that I can exchange it.

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I can't decide - I love my radiowave weather station, apple tree and day at a local spa :D


We've bought ourselves a fruit tree as an anniversary present for the last few years. It's nice to have something growing as a reminder of another year of married life :D .


I've got Christmas money to spend and absolutely no idea what to spend it on! I am determined not to fritter it away on tat or buy anything which won't get used. Difficult, isn't it :lol:

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