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Goosey Lucy

Help- Public Speaking Advice please

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I've been asked by a friend to speak to her Churchwomen's guild. I've not done this sort of thing before but I want to make a good job of it.


I'd like to talk about chickens and I'm planning on recording all the C4 programmes in the next few days to give me some ideas but does anyone have links to sites that could prove useful? I'm going to contact the BHWT, but ideally I'd like pictures as well as info.


I only have 3 omlet chickens myself so have no direct experience of rescued hens.


Where do I start? I'm not speaking until March so have plenty of time (I hope) to prepare.


Thanks for all your eagerly awaited replies.

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Hi Lucy


I can let you have before and after pictures of my two ex-bats. You may want to come along to a rescue - there is one near you later this month - you'll then have first hand experience of seeing the farm and the whole rescue / rehoming process.


PM me if you would like more info.




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Clare said:


in fact, you can take the course if you'd like some practice!


Nooooo! :anxious:


A very kind offer Clare but I'm sure there's lots on info I'll pick up next week! I feel a bit of a fraud doing this talk thing but my friend was desperate and she knows I'm a bit of a soft touch when someone's in trouble.

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You'll get a set of the notes when you come on my course next Saturday Lucy


Slightly off-topic but have you written your own notes to give out or do they come from Omlet? Chris is running our first course in February and was thinking of writing notes but it's not worth it if Omlet send you some...



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