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Layers Mash - Silly Question time!!

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At the moment I use layers pellets buy the girls don't seem to each much of it, we keep them in their run til 11am and then they free rage till dark.


They are all laying now but would only have to fill the grub up every 4 days and then it is still over half full (i do it every day cause I don't like to think of them having stale food :roll: )


We also give then treat everyday of 2-3 handfulls of corn and a banana or some grapes between the 3 of them.


So I am thinking of trying them on Mash instead AND finally my question is... do you wet the mash down? or do you leave it just flakes? Should I worry as they are all looking well and the eggs are all great and getting bigger?


BTW if I give them porridge made of pellets they do eat that.

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I give my hens a choice of both - they eat all the mash in a day but the grubs full of pellets last about 3/4 days. So they do still eat the pellets but prefer mash. They chuck the mash about a bit so don't put it anywhere it'll get wet as it goes smelly. You can make porridge from mash or pellets, it all 'mushes' down the same :D

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and then they free rage till dark.


Sorry, but I just had an image of your chickens stomping angrily round the garden all day :lol: .


Mine get pellets and get through a lot, more so since they started laying. I fill up the grub daily (although I don't throw out the leftovers :oops: ). I'd say they eat half a grub-full daily, between 2 layers and 1 non.

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I give my girls pellets all the time but every morning I give them wet layers mash. I got the recipe from the perfect pekins website.

It is :

6 ladles of layers mash (I have 11 chickens who eat it)

1 tablespoon poultry spice

1 tablespoon limestone flour (for nice tough shells)

1 teaspoon marmite dissolved in hot water (Vitamin B12)

2 tablespoons cod liver oil (Vitamin A)

A splash of milk

Some warm water


They love this in the mornings. I am now trying the ex-batts on this. I also give them dry layers mash but thought that I would try them on a bowl a day...thought that it might help their feathers. They clear the bowl completely within half an hour.

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My old girls were on pellets, but when I got my new hens they were on mash,so I gave them all mash.


I must say that since I schanged to mash my hens are eating more,laying more & generally seem happier. They spend more time eating & less squabbling - so I am keeping them on mash now.


I serve it dry,with a dash of spice & garlic powder. I have found Marriages layers mash to be the most popular with my hens :D

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My hens are on Marriage's mash - they started off on Growers but now they are all laying I have bought Layer's mash and am mixing in the remaining Grower's to use it up.


My hens don't seem to eat vast amounts - a fullish grub would probably last 4 days without me refilling it. They get a bowl of leftovers and a handful of corn in the afternoon plus they free range for an hour.


I tend to top up the Grub every day with mash, garlic powder and limestone flour then empty and wash it once a week. You musn't get mash wet as it goes sour but I guess if you're feeding it wet as porridge then it will be eaten pretty quickly.


I find the mash keeps them busy for long periods and I don't find it to be messy, unless I fill the Grub right to the top and then they can't seem to resist throwing loads of it onto the floor!



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We have the same problem. Ours don't free-range because our garden is too big and not secure enough. But they manage to hold out all day and not eat any pellets :evil: The same food has been sat in the grub for 3 days now :evil:


I know none of you have eaten it, but do you think the mash tastes any different? And what does it look like?



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Have to say that I never fill the grub up, my three get a feed scoop a day as that seemed to be about what they eat (I reckon that is a third of the grub). I suppose having them in the glu since 6 weeks on growers I was used to them starting out eating very little in quantity so didn't want it to spoil. They don't get any alternatives though-when I got the organic layers with my cube they went on strike and barely ate anything for 3 days, initially I mixed it with 'normal' and they picked out the old stuff only. Day two they started to succumb and day three they emptied the grub and have been fine ever since. INterestingly started a new sack of non-organic layers today and they went absoloutely barmy for it - so there must be a big difference in taste/appeal between brands. I find it funny they can be so fussy when you see what they will eat when free ranging!

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