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Pic of me with chicken

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So glad you all liked it. Its been kicking around in a box for years but I didn't think about it until I got my own chickens. I'm sure the chicken should have a voice bubble with a caption coming out of her beak but I just can't think what it might be. Any suggestions? :lol:

Rona - I am so impressed with that lovely picture - may I put it in my blog? No reference to you, just the pisture.....

Of course you can.

What a lovely photo - you should sell it to a photo reference company.

What's a photo reference company? I don't mind if it could raise a bit of money for BHWT but otherwise I wouldn't bother. Not likely to bring in life changing amounts or be the start of a photo modelling career - for either me or the chicken! :lol:

t a lovely photo. I think you should get one taken of you today in the same pose.

I might do that one day but I must warn you that not only am I a bit taller but I am considerably wider and (aherm) blonder nowadays :wink:

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