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Aunty e

H5N1 in Dorset

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Thankfully the swans won't be culled at the moment as they are all wild birds and there is the fear that they will panic and therefore spread the disease further.


I worry that this outbreak is potentially far more serious than the others as they are wild birds on wetland and cannot be contained or brought indoors. Surely the swans will have lots of contact with other wild birds :anxious:

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TBH I don't think this outbreak is too serious, it's at Abbotsbury swanery, (I've been there!) and at the minute they're closed to the public as it's not nesting season. I suspect they'd just flown in as they do over there and were from outside the UK carrying the virus.


As well as this I suspect that bird flu may have been around a lot longer than we suspect in this world, it's just because of the media hype it's come into the spotlight and decided to test nearly every dead bird.


What's more worrying is the way defra have been dealing with it, because there is a poultry farm quite close by and defra hadn't even told them about the outbreak firsthand and they're heard it from other sources first. I think the surrounding poultry farms now have all their birds undercover. :?

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it's a worry as it's not a million miles from here. They're not culling the swans which is a relief. They reckon they got it from other wild birds as the swansdon't migrate much. I think they're hoping the flock will build up immunity and the outbreak won't spread much.


It will be interesting to see how far it does spread. They will have us believe that free ranging birds are at greater risk of this, yet others say it will not spread the same in healthy, outdoor birds. It would be good to se proof of that.

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