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Need a bit of help.... all you cake makers out there

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Hi everyone... seems like a lot of people here make cakes at home, or are generally good at making things from scratch, so thought I'd ask you all... I am wanting to make a cake for a friend, and am looking for ideas for the design, I want it to look good but not over-complicated (my girls will help me make it, and we won't have hours and hours to make an over complicated masterpiece)... the idea is that it should be a motorbike cake... I have been looking, and am still looking, for ideas in books and online, but so far I have only found stuff that only a team of professionals could do, or cakes made in a motorbike mould... I'd like to make it in normal moulds and put it together myself, but need some pictures, advise and so on for inspiration...


So if anyone has any ideas, pictures, links or anything to share, I'd be very grateful...

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You could take a lead from the skoda advert.


The wheels should be easy enough, Easter egg for the petrol tank, a couple of mars bars for the seat, liquorice exhaust, tutti fruity encrusted headlight.


I am sure it will be a Triumph! :D




i love your sense of humour :lol:

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Thanks everyone... there's nothing like hearing some suggestions to get the mind working on a design... I love the idea of using liquorice and mars bars and stuff to do the detail around cake wheels...


I've drawn a basic idea which will hopefully evolve a little bit and end up looking good enough (don't want it to look like a wheelbarrow!!) yet straightforward enough...


Making it in 8 days... will post a picture if it looks good enough :wink:


By the way, sorry for posting this in the wrong place to start with, I guess I had thought of it as a design issue rather than a cooking question...

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Hi everyone...


Quick update on the motorbike cake thing.... this is the result... nothing to boast about maybe, but I was still quite happy with it, and it tasted very nice too...

My friend, whom the cake was made for, liked it... it was a 'first meeting' celebration cake for a friend I have been in touch with for four years but never met in person before... we've had the most emotional week, starting with huge trouble in Heathrow when immigration wouldn't let him in (we were kept for 5 hours of intense questioning), then finally had a wonderful time and again most emotional goodbyes today...

I'm glad I made the cake... I'm definitely drained now and champagne and chocolate are a necessity...



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Thanks everybody... the cake was a very dense intense chocolate flavour, very rich and tasty... I did design it myself, after googling for ideas and finding nothing I would like, I just got a picture of my friend's actual motorbike and drew it in 'cartoon' way, trying to just bring the broad shape into blocks I could carve from cake... then we just put some icing sugar on the top of each bit...

The shiny bits are just straws wrapped in foil...


There is an interesting story Egluntine, though I'm not sure it would belong in the 'All things Nice' section :) .... though after the curries my friend taught me how to make this week, maybe it would, it's always been a very culinary-oriented friendship 8)

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