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Tessa the Duchess


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Day after day goes by without the telly being turned on because there is simply nothing I want to watch :roll: Then tonight, wouldn't you know it, there are three things I really would like to see...last episode of Sense and Sensibility, Kingdom (Stephen Fry and wonderful Norfolk) and Louis Theroux spending two weeks in a scary prison in the US, all on at approx the same time :evil::evil: don't have one of those watch one record another gizmos..decisions.....decisions :(:(



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I love Louis, S & S and Kingdom too! Luckily I've got a box, so will be taping/watching all three :wink: .


Tessa, S & S seems to be repeated if you can wait that long for it.


BBC1 (Scotland) 20th Jan 5.05-6.05pm

- don't know about BBC1 where you are :?. If you let me know which region you have, I could find out - I've got a program called Digiguide which you can use to search for programme times.


BBC4 26th Jan 7-8pm

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