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Yay! I have received my German entry level qualification (and a nice certificate too) seeing as I did it in year 9 (what took them so long?), with only 1 lesson per week, I think I did quite well (will look good on my CV too)


But on friday, I have my Chemisty modular GCSE exam. Eeek! But I have done plenty of revision, so I should be fine.

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Well done Fred :D


Good luck with the modular science exam, sometimes it gets to seem like it's one on top of another :roll: .


BTW, have you moved..........I thought your location used to say Kent (I tend to notice other Kentish folk :wink: ) but now you seem to be in London :? . Or am I just getting confused.

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Well done and good luck to all.


I know how stressfull these exams are. Keep up the hard work.


I gave out certificates for modules yesterday to some classes and it was so motivating - those that had passed were really happy and the ones who hadn't yet were really keen to get the work finished for the next moderation.


My favourite day of the year is exam results day and seeing the kids pleased with their results.

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What happened to the Physics, Chemistry and Biology that we used to do in my day......... no where seems to do that anymore :?:


I have seperate Physics, Biology and Chemistry lessons, with seperate specilist teachers too. But thats only because im doing "triple award"

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