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Really bad day!

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Hi All,


Let the girls out as usual this morning (sun 19th Feb). Noticed Lily had been very badly pecked in the night. We took her to the vets and they thought the kindest thing would be to put her to sleep :cry: . Made a fool of myself by getting a bit tearful at the vets. What made it worse was Lily looking up at us while we had to make the very hard decision. She had been pecked through to the muscle on both sides and was in pain, so really we did the right thing. She was so sweet and was my favourite. I have decided not to replace her,


Thanks for listening,


Love from Rebecca.x :cry:

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:( So sorry for you Rebecca, I think that is the saddest post I've ever read. What an awful thing, I'm not surprised that you were tearful at the vets. As for the look she gave you, I can just picture it, the little darling.

You absolutely did the right thing to put her suffering first and let her go, even though you will miss her so much.

You'll always remember her, & I hope those happy memories soon overtake your grief. You must be numb with shock. Such a shame, I hope you will be able to move on and enjoy the others. Meanwhile, I'm sending you the biggest hug ever. I know I'd be feeling wretched if that were me, and share your tears.

Always remember, she loved her life with you, R.I.P. lovely Lily.

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So sorry to hear your news, we recently lost poor Amber, so know what you are going through.


Don't worry about getting teary at the vets - they will be quite used to it - the deal with beloved family pets every day, and even though a chicken is slightly more unusual than the average cat or dog, they would have realised it was still upsetting for you.


Sending you all our love



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Just quickly adding my sympathies too Rebecca, what a horrible experience :(

I'm sure that vets are very used to tears- I've shed a few in vets surgery's in the past, especially on one horrible occasion when we had to have a baby bunny put down- I was crying so hard it was ridiculous, felt like a prize idiot :oops:

It sounds as if you made the right decision, it's always a tough call, especially with her looking at you, but it wouldn't have been right to keep her in pain. Brave of you though.

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Hi Everyone,


I would just like to say thanks for all your lovely replies. It made me feel much better. I still think about Lily and I really do miss her (she was such a lovely and special hen). I was looking in the gallery at the pictures I posted of her and I still have a lasting memory. I know she was happy right to the end. Also the vet was a really nice lady who treated us so kindly, so I can feel assured her last moments would have been nice ones.


Once again I would like to say thank you. Your kind words really did mean a lot to me,


Love from Rebecca.x

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