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Blue or green eggs

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From what I have heard, a Cream Legbar or an Aruacuana seem to be the best bets (both pure breeds)

You can also get a hybrid which has lots of different names (Jasmine, Skyline, Columbine etc.) but they are not guaranteed to be blue or green. I think some of the eggs can be white and the pictures I have seen on here seem to be kind of an olive/ camo green. I know some people have ones which lay blue eggs though.

I'm hopefully getting a Cream Legbar later in the year as I really love the idea of blue eggs.

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I was sooooo impatient I went to Paula's Poultry up in Jedburgh on Saturday and collected two beautiful heritage Skylines. One of them layed a blue egg in the box on the way home. I'm delighted. The other newbie is crouching so I'm waiting . . . not too long I hope. They are so friendly already, definately my favourites aleady!!!

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