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Whooo we got some eggs!!!!

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I can't believe it, my girls have laid 3 egg's!!! Not sure who or exactly when it was, but yesterday I found them laying in the eglu.


Thinking it was the start of things to come, I was kind of surprised to not find any this morning :?:


Either way, they had a little treat for their efforts 8)

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Congratulations on the eggs and I agree with the others - what lovely pictures. What a gorgeous pepperpot.

There is one thing I would ask and that is how do you get on giving the girls treats from your hands? Especially your little boy. I'm asking because I really enjoyed giving mine treats by hand, it kind of makes you feel a bit closer to them. My problem now is that every time I go near them they go for my fingers. They've drawn blood 3 times now and it's made me very cautious with them. I read on the forum somewhere that they associate my fingers with food so now I only put their treats in a bowl. I wanted to give them their flubinvet on raisins, fed individually so I knew they had had their dose. I'm not so sure now.

Do they go for your fingers? Maybe mine look more like worms! My 3 are like velocirapters - 2 keep you busy at the front and the other runs round the back to peck the fingers you thought were safe! The silly thing is they don't eat worms!

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They are pretty good when it comes to pecking. My wedding ring often confuses george, so she has a little peck to check it isn't food but usually they are only interested in the raisin box I take out to give them treats.


If they did start getting frisky, I think I would do what you do and add them to the feed in the morning.


They are mostly good though, and the kids love telling there mates at school all about them etc. Better than most pets anyway. :wink:

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Aint "Ooops, word censored!"ody here said

Do they still peck your fingers if you have a palmful of corn or something they like?


To be honest I haven't tried, I suppose it's a bit like feeding horses? Keep your hand flat and straight! I haven't fed them by hand for ages in an effort to stop the pecking.Now even when I take their treat bowl out to them they go for my fingers first and the treat second! Even when I go to pick them up I have to be quick as they turn to the fingers! OH says we'll have to get some pig boards (I think that's what he called them) to manoevre them away!! I might try again when they've calmed down.


Lisa :roll:

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