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My ladies are here

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Yay - Saturday I collected - from a wonderful chap in Beaulieu - my new ladies. I got a Cuckoo Maran, a Rhode Island Red, a Legbar and a Leghorn Cross Rhode Island Red.

Oh how much fun is it just watching them :lol: I could waste away hours!

Only Q is how long does it 'usually' take to sort the pecking order as they have really great big spats at the moment that are horrible to watch....and listen to! :shock:


We already have one blue egg from last evening and one brown from this morning so my daughter is very excited about them.

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Congratulations on your new girls and your eggs! :D

On the whole it usually takes about a week for them to settle into their new group. Once they are all laying there should be even fewer problems with position jostling.


Excellent - I am so excired about the first two eggs. I noticed this afternoon though that the Rhode Island Red is obviously the bottom of the pecking order, so only the other 3 to sort now :roll:

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They will soon sort themselves out.


Just make sure that no-one is being prevented from eating and drinking.


Great news about the eggs!


Thankyou, I watched this afternoon and they were all fine when eating so that's good. The Rhode Island Red did go to the back when I put some worms in though so I reckon she's the bottom of the order now.....my poor compost heap will be bereft of worms by the end of the week though :lol:

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Hello Betty and congratulations on your new girls!!!


Did you go to Worldwide Poultry??


Thats where I got my Cuckoo maran, silver sussex and light sussex from!


Cinnamon got her news girls from there too.


Hi Christian, yes - isn;t it the most superb stock he has there! ...and what a fantastic chap also - a real character :lol:

The Maran is a lovely bird and already quite attentive to me and 'chats' away when I talk to her....and they all know and recognise their "go to bed" command :shock:

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Oh congrats from me too!! nice to have another hants hen keeper!! :lol::lol: .Glad the girls are all well, they will calm down soon :? . Ive told the guys in the pub about using worldwide poultry as they want to get 6 more to add to the flock!!



Ahhh yes we'll get all Hants converted to free-range eventually...all backyard hens :lol: ...could you imagine it...FAB!

I do hope they settle down soon as one even hada bleed at the top of her beak and it was horrid just to have to stand back :?


Worldwide is superb isn;t it, I was so impressed with the stock, and the Gentleman who owns it is just superb!

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I am desperate for a Cream Legbar and Cuckoo Maran from there. The state of my garden (absolutely no grass now) is stopping me. I don't think it would survive two more chickens :(


Oh that is a shame - they are really beautiful birds. The Maran is so very friendly already and 'chats' back when I talk to her, a lovely character!

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Hi Betty,


Chickens are even more addictive and anxiety making than babies!


Good luck with your new flock!






Noooooooo...don;t tell me that :lol: I am so attached to them already - all such very different characters!

Today I worked from home and instead of from the office upstairs I sat at the dining table so I could watch them - fascinating viewing it was too.

V is loving taking care of them also, and was so delighted with the eggs, we had to rush home from school today so she could help 'tuck them up into their beds' :D

Davina xx

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Got my three chickens from Omlet last Friday. One seemed to be boss from the word go. Babs is a gingernut and seems to particularly have a go at the other gingernut, Ginger. Ginger spends all her time checking where Babs is and keeping out of her way, sometimes in the house. The Mrs Pepperpot (Betty Boop) is younger and generally keeps out of the way,but even she gets the odd peck. Do I worry about this? Do I need to get some anti peck spray? Or will things settle down

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Hi :P


Congrats on your new girls.

As Christian says,I got my 4 new hens from there a month or so ago - I too have a Cream Legbar & the RIR x leghorn 8)

I also had a french Maran & a Light Sussex from him.

It is a great plae isn't it - bit of a trek for me to get there,but well worth it :P

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