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Newbie here

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Hi Guys


Im new to this site & im amazed on how much info u can get here , its great!

Not to sure how to say this but I sooooooooooooo badly want to adopt 2 ex battery hens & can't wait


But im taking this slowy, Im planning on ordering a green eglu next month & it goes from there. I have emailed the BHWT about then hens , waiting for a reply but I did receive an email saying it would take a while to respond due to the jamie oliver show.


I have soo many questions to ask but 1 will do now -


I never ever saw foxes in my garden until last sat @ 15.30 in day light a fox came into my garden & had a little run around.


I have read here that mens urine can put them off a little, is this true & would it upset cats?


Sorry if its boring to have a newbie answering the same quesition again & again


Nice to meet u all x

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Welcome to the forum!

I've only had mine for about 3 months but already feel like an old hand - you'll get the hang of it in no time at all. they're so easy to look after.


Re: the male urine thing - not sure how effective it is but we'll give anything a go - so Mr Fab goes & does the 'fox off' (under cover of darkness so as not to alarm the neighbours!). We also use a Foxwatch which many people here recommend. But the only real method of keeping them safe is supervised free-ranging.


Good luck

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Thanks for the welcoming !


My next question lol


How many chickens? My boyfriend said I should only have 2, I agree but really would like 3


Is 3 to much for the Eglu & run. They will unfortunalty be locked away when im at work but will be allowed out when im back, well this is my plan as Ive read its not best to alow ex batts to go out for atleast 2 weeks



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I have two standard hens and a cockerel in an eglu without an extension. They free range when I'm around during daylight hours but seem OK in the run when they can't go out. Am seriously considering investing in the run extension and spare roosting bars but that's a different story. The eglu is plenty big enough for 3, it's the run you should worry about... Good luck with it all.


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ooh, we love new members! Go for three chickens, is my advice - they are no more trouble than two (and chickens are very easy to look after anyway most of the time). But if anything happens to one :( and it sometimes does, you will not have a sad and lonely chicken on her own.


I would recommend the converter with three though. Mine are shut in the run all day, and I feel better about them having a bit more space.

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