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Mine were shouting this morning - obviously unhappy at the quality of treats I'd put in the run for them :roll:


They shout if we are around at the weekends - because they know they will be let out, but apart from that its a lovely gentle clucking sound.


My dogs bark is louder - especially if he sees a cat :?



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if your neighbours are going to get at all funny about the kind of noise one would get from these hens then they are the kind of people who would complain about someone whistling in the garden. or kids playing...i would be very suprised if they notice. and it really is quite a lovely sound at its worst..

we have 6 hens in london which as you might know is where we are all living cheek to cheek, and our neighbours love them, in fact some of them are thinking about getting some themselves...

please dont worry about the level of sounds that the chickens make, its really not something that you should be concerned about, unless you had a cockeral, then thats a different matter!.

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Mine sometimes make woo woo noises to make me feel guilty about confining them to their run. I can hear it through teh double glazing - but I am quietly working and listening for it.


Our next door neighbour didn't know we had chickens and the eglu and run is 1m from the fence between our gardens.


Why not visit someone with chichens and judge for yourself ?



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A couple of mine are on the noicy side, namly the Columbine and White Star. Others make the occasional noise and some make no noise at all. It can very a lot breed to breed. And also reasons for making noise, like if your girls nromally free range and one day you dont let them out they might make a bit of noise to 'remind' you they are there. Or make noise to greet you when you go in the garden hoping you have treats. And of course the anouncement that they have laid an egg.

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I find chickens can be quite noisy, but never for very long each time... In summer, ours do get quite loud when daylight comes and they expect to see us... I have been woken up quite a few times by my own chooks, through a closed double-glazed window, but then the eglu is very close to the house. Their racket doesn't last, but it can be triggered by quite a few things, like seeing one of us and wanting attention, laying an egg, hearing anyone come in the frontdrive, or seeing one of the cats or the visiting magpies (somehow Mac & Nugget have taken a strong dislike to that bird, who's not taking any notice, and I'd hate to be able to translate the abusive shouts when it shows up)...

I find them startingly loud, but they never go on for more than a few minutes at the most... I expect neighbours to live with that (though at 6 am on a sunday morning, not every neighbour would, we need to close their eglu door to confine the noise on summer mornings).

I guess it depends on the neighbours really... the gentleman next door to us (on eglu side) is a very lovely, polite, tolerant guy (has hearing difficulties too... which helps), but we have friends living further down the road who get complaints from their neighbours about everything, from their dog barking for even a minute, to their kids playing in the garden, their climbing frame, and the exact size of their front drive... some people do like to complain and make everybody's life a misery for any little reason...

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