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I dropped an egg :(

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I dropped one into the sink a couple of weeks ago and squealed, hubby thought it was really funny but I was really upset, you realise the work that goes into them when you keep your own chickens.


The membrane didn't get broken and I used it to make some pastry :D


YD dropped one when we hadn't had the chickens long and she really cried but again it was still ok to use. I would hate to waste one.

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I once went to collect the eggs, to find one intact one and one half eaten one (that's back at the time when the chooks were eating their eggs), so I took the intact one out, carefully laid it on the floor on one side while I collected the half eaten one out and cleaned up the nesting box... then turned around and walked on the intact one!!! Which, needless to say, was no longer intact... it was one of those instance when I had thought 'don't put it there, you'll break it... ' and another little voice inside had said 'no, no worries, I'll pick it up again in a minute'...

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