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british short haired or burmese cats

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Burmese are amazing cats for their owners but can be agressive to other cats, especially neighbouring cats. But it will love you endlessly.


I drove to Wales yesterday to pick up our new Mau. My husband couldn't believe that even though we own four cats, and two kittens haven't been collected yet, we were still driving hundreds of miles to spend £400 on a kitten. He is the most exquisitely beautiful cat though, and feisty with it. He wapped my MILs mad dog on the nose and is holding his own against the house of cats (imagine one small kitten, on a bookcase hissing, while six cats of varying sizes sit at the bottom glowering).


Sorry, hijacked thread, but NEW KITTEN!

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and me, and me :lol::lol:


I would love another kitty, but ours wouldnt be happy, she gets all upset when something new happens (but she was really brave the other day when someone came to look at the cube, she came outside and looked at it too :D )


its great fun when we go and visit mum and dad, and she comes too :D



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Sorry I completely missed this post yesterday. This is my psychologically challanged cat Rosie, she's a British cream.


She is a very affectionate cat but does suffer with obsessive compulsional grooming and has bouts of hair loss due to this. She's also bi polar and has months of depression followed by months of insane delight! :roll:

Despite all her 'problems', which are probably why she was a rescue cat I love her dearly and love the shorthair British breed.

Go for it!

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